The government booster campaign is being accelerated urgently so that everyone over 18 will be offered a booster by the end of December, because the Omicron variant spreads very rapidly, even in the ‘double vaccinated’.

We have been instructed that boosters are our top priority. This means operating on an ‘urgent only’ basis, focusing on patients who are ill or need urgent hospital assessment, e.g. for suspected cancer. We may postpone routine work like reviews and tests. Please manage for the next few weeks if you can. However, if you do need us, please contact us. We will do our best to help even if it takes longer.

We will increase our service levels again as soon as we can.

Booster jabs are available at other sites as well as via our practice-based service. Book at one of these if you can, to keep our boosters for the more frail.

Booking your booster:

Otherwise, wait for us to invite you. Please do not phone us about your booster – check this website for updates instead. This keeps our phones free for urgent patients.

Housebound patients are getting their booster through community services. If this changes we will update you here.

If you said no to a vaccine, please reconsider. We will welcome you with pleasure. Please submit a Contact Us  request on this website and we will get in touch. We will help you with honest and accurate advice. Get yourself safe, protect your loved ones and help avoid further lockdowns.

If you have a question that cannot be answered from the information on this page, please use the Contact Us link to ask us, instead of phoning us. We will aim to respond as soon as possible and within a week at the latest.

Finally, thank you. We have asked a lot of you over the past two years and know this is yet another supreme effort. With your help we can deliver the boosters and provide necessary care at the same time.