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Everyone is welcome in general practice. You do not need to provide proof of ID, address, immigration status or an NHS number in order to receive care or see a GP.

To access our core services, you will need to be registered as a patient with us. Before you fill out a registration form, please ensure that you are within the catchment area of one of our practices. Please click the link to view catchment area of each practice. 

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Registration is quick and easy. Fill out the form below and our Admin team will process your registration.

Please help us trace your previous medical records by providing the following information

  • Patient Details
  • Previous information
  • Additional info
  • Communication
  • Patient Declaration


Which Practice would you like to register for?

Patient Details



First Name(s)

Date of Birth

Previous Surname(s)

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Contact Number

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Proof of address - Please provide a copy of a document, not older than 3 months, that provides a proof of address.

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Previous details in UK

Your previous address & postcode in UK

Name of previous GP

Address of previous GP practice

If you are from abroad

Your first UK address where registered with a GP

If previously a resident in UK, date of leaving

Date you first came to live in UK

Were you ever registered with an Armed Forces GP

Please indicate if you have served in the UK Armed Forces and/or been registered with a Ministry of Defence GP in the UK or overseas:

Address & postcode before enlisting

Service or Personnel number:

Enlistment date

Discharge date (if applicable)

Footnote: These questions are optional and your answers will not affect your entitlement to register or receive services from the NHS but may improve access to some NHS priority and service charities services.

Child Vaccinations

Please list all vaccinations and the date they were administered:

Donor Registration

NHS Organ Donor registration

I want to register my details on the NHS Organ Donor Register as someone whose organs/tissue may be used for transplantation after my death. Please tick the boxes that apply.

Please tell your family you want to be an organ donor. If you do not want to be an organ donor, please visit or call 0300 123 23 23 to register your decision.

NHS Blood Donor registration

Carer Information (not needed for children)

Do you have a Carer?

If yes, are they registered at this practice?

Carer name:

Telephone number:

Do you consent for your carer to be informed about your medical care?

Are you a Carer? (Only if you are a registered Carer)

If yes, do you look after someone who is a patient at this practice

If yes, what is their name?

Are they a

Please tell us about your smoking habits (not needed for children)

Do you smoke?

If yes, how many do you smoke a day?

Would you like advice on quitting?

Are you an ex-smoker?

Cervical Screening (Women only)

Have you had a Cervical Smear

Please state where, when and the result

Please ask the surgery to fill in a disclaimer form.


Do you have any sensitivities or allergies to medicines?

If Yes - Which medication(s), what happened, when this happened, how long you took the medication for and was it tablets or injection?

Do you have any pollen, animal hair, nut, seafood or other food allergy?

If Yes - what food(s), pollen or animal, what happened, and when?

Communication needs

We would like to get better at communicating with our patients. We want to make sure that you can read and understand the information we send you. If you find it hard to read our letters or if you need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know. We want to know if you need information in braille, large print or easy read. We want to know if you need an interpreter for your appointments.

Do you have any communication needs?

What type of communication needs?

Do you need a format other than standard print?

Do you have any special communication requirements?

Spoken language

English speaker

Spoken Language:

Interpreter needed:

If yes what language

Nominated Pharmacy

We have electronic prescribing functionality, this will allow us to send your prescription electronically to your preferred choice of pharmacy, and will also save you time in collecting your prescription from the surgery. Your Nominated pharmacy at Lordswood will be: Knights Pharmacy (next door to the surgery) Your Nominated pharmacy at Selcroft will be: Selcroft Pharmacy (next door to the surgery) Your Nominated pharmacy at Quinton Family will be: Rajja Pharmacy (5 Dwellings Lane)

If you would like to use another Pharmacy, please give the name and address:

Alternatively, you can collect it from the surgery


Are you happy for authorised healthcare staff to view your medical record when you recieve direct patient care?

For further information, please visit the Your Care Connected website

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